On receipt of the confirmed demand either to our Delegate or directly from the employers' to the Al-Noor International collects applications through any one of a combination of the following processes to line up the most suitable candidates for consideration of the employer :

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Applications thus received/collected shall be scrutinised by a committee of experts for short-listing as per requirements of the employers. The short listed applications will be sent to the employer if desired or will be kept in the office for interview and final selection by the employer's Selection Team(s) Al-Noor International prefers that selection of workers be made by the employer's or by their authorised representatives direcly.


The employers of their representatives will carry out interviews/trade tests and do the final selection ot candidates for which Al-Noor International will provide necessary assistance and logistic support, like issuance of interview cards, arranging suitable place for interview/written test. and for practical trade testing. if necessary. Expert services may be available for highly technical jobs.

Al-Noor International may also select workers on behalf of the employers through its committee of experts, if so desired by the employers.


The finally selected candidates are sent for medical examination only to the appointed/authorised Medical Centres. Normally they are examined at the Medical Centres appointed by the Embassies of the employers' countries.


Al-Noor International
takes a nominal service charge from the candidates finally selected for employment abroad as per rate approved by the government. It is not obligatory on the part of the employer to pay any fees/commission to Al-Noor International for recruitment purpose. In case the employer intends to pay commission/fees to Al-Noor International, Al-Noor International may not charge any fees from the workers.

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