Al-Noor International (ANI) Prefers selection of worker by the employer representative for this , ANI will extend all facilities to the employer including arrangement of trade test. If require for selection of technical people. TRC may also be entrusted with this responsibility, who can ensure selection of the right person for the right trade as per criteria given by the employer- TRC Performs the following Activities

Obtain recruitment Permission from the government agencies

Advertisement in reputed Daily Newspaper calling applicants ,if necessary.

Collection of Application.

Primary selection by our experts.

Conduct Final Interview by employers representative

Obtain Passport for the selected candidate

Medical examination of the candidates

Obtain police clearance

Obtain Medical fitness certificate, photograph & Related documents.

Stamping of visa from the respective embassy.

Obtain immigration clearance from the Government Agency.

Travel arrangement including confirmation of seats with airlines.

Constant contact with the employer informing the development of the total arrangement.

Inform employer over Fax/Telephone/E-mail about the actual number of workers dispatched/Boarded finally.

Arrangement of proper and timely replacement of worker if anyone is found pro-fissional or medically unfit the probation period.

Ensure worker's reach the country of work within 15-20 days from the date of receipt of their Visa/Visa Advice /Calling from the employer, Even Earlier in case of Emergency of Employer.

Arrangement of Flight in Groups.

Proper briefing to the workers about the social, political, legal, cut turual & Environmental aspects of the host country to boost up moral strength that helps I n unkeeping the existing relationship between the countries.

Handover copy of employment contact to the workers before their departure for the country of work.

Briefing of the workers about the actual term of employment prior to their departure

Attend employer's call to solve on foreseen problems that may arise within the full contact duration

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